• Bart Jan Holland

Eddy van Gestel

While strolling through the streets of Antwerp, I bumped into a small courtyard. It happened to be Eddy van Gestel's exibition studio. His latest work was very interesting, but his book 'Terra Africana' really caught me. The portraits and photographs of wildlife are truly remarkable. His style inspires me.

After going through the book I decided to buy it. There it is, my first photo book. As I walked to the entrance to settle the book, I saw a man sitting on a couch. I nodded to the man and he nodded friendly in return. The lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted mr. Van Gestel to sign it... uhm... yes!.. She walked me to the man sitting on the couch.. WOW!

We talked for a while, he signed the book and the rest is history..

"The cruel Cook"

"Guilty pleasure"

Please, check out his website